[January 2009]

A new product for ECO-FLAM!

Click here for more informations!

[July 2008]

ECO-FLAM is moving!

ECO-FLAM is moving to a bigger production plant to increase production and continue the growth of the R&D department.

[June 2008]

A new production line is born!

A new product type is now available. Click here for more informations. It's the best quality ever saw at ECO-FLAM.


Welcome to ECO-FLAM's website. We are a manufacturer of premium quality firestarters and synthetic logs. We are listening to our customer needs and very flexible to adapt our business to the market that is in constant evolution.

ECO-FLAM's core value is the protection of the environment and the intelligent usage of the ressources. We give a second life to materials that would represent an important loss for the earth without our production.

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